Multi-channel marketing automation designed by marketers.

Ready to learn more about how Branding Central can help you leverage multi-channel marketing to motivate others to build your brand while you help them build their business?

It all started at Adams & Knight, an integrated marketing agency that focused on sparking results for clients. In its quest to help clients achieve strategic marketing goals, the agency uncovered a great need in the marketplace. With the advent of digital and content marketing, companies needed a multi-channel marketing platform that made it easy to: 

Organize all the content they were producing…so their sales teams and distributors could easily find it.

Personalize it and co-brand it in order to better connect with target audiences and leverage the power of the partnership with an overall brand.

Share all that content across a wide variety of digital channels to make sure that the audiences received the content in the way they wanted to consume it.

Measure results from all of these efforts…so that they could adjust strategies if necessary and stay on track for achieving results.

Enter Branding Central, a multi-channel marketing platform

Unfortunately, there was nothing available in the marketplace that exactly fit these needs. Until now.

With Branding Central, companies get an easy way to motivate others to promote their brand. And at the same time….provide access to valuable marketing materials that will help them grow their business.

Read about all the modules and features available with Branding Central that can help you build your brand.

Modules and features