Gain exclusive access to strategic services

70 Percent of marketers lack a consistent content strategy.

When you select Branding Central, you don’t just get a content marketing customization and distribution platform. You can engage content marketing experts who can help you finetune a strategic approach to planning, creating, delivering and generating maximum results from all the materials you offer your distribution networks. Just a few of the strategic services you can tap into with Branding Central:


Marketing plans — which look at the 5 Ms of marketing: motivation, message, markets, methods and metrics to help you plan out what you need to achieve and how you can do it every year  

Integrated campaigns — that help you align marketing initiatives with enterprise-wide sales goals and strategic priorities

Content marketing plans — to recommend what type of content you need to develop, what channels you should use to distribute it and what KPIs you should track for each content initiative to determine success and progress toward your goals

Utilization campaigns — that allow you to drive increased use of the different types of content you offer in Branding Central to different user groups within your organization, which can help make their jobs easier

Best practice tips — to help you and your team gain better results from your email, social media and video campaigns, just to name a few.