Services to maximize utilization and retention

Rule of thumb: If you want your users to continually rely on the platform, you’ve got to regularly engage them.

Once you’ve launched Branding Central and trained your users, ongoing support is essential to keep them using it and proving its value to your organization. Fortunately, we can help develop a plan that not only emphasizes how to best use the platform, but also fosters a deeper appreciation for all it offers.


Among the resources we can help you facilitate:

Customized tutorials that can build confidence and show real-world examples

Tailored emails that can promote different features within the platform or address the needs of different groups, e.g. power users versus those not using it too much

Success stories that nurture interest in the platform and share successes others are having by using it

Short, simple surveys which can be sent out once a month so you can learn what’s working, what’s not and where users may need more training