Fully customized onboarding for your team

Because every organization is different, we tailor each step of our onboarding process to your own processes and to the particular needs of your users.

In general, here’s how we approach each step:   


1. Discover & Align

Assemble your team from across the organization; IT, Brand, Compliance, Marketing and users to identify and understand their goals, their core competencies and their pain points. They will be more confident and more willing to adopt the platform if they’ve had a say in its onboarding from the very beginning.


2. Set Goals

Talk to your key stakeholders, both internal and from your user base, to identify and understand their goals and objectives. A clear understanding of how success will be measured, will help you prioritize decisions to come and keep you on track.   


3. Identify User Objectives

Develop a clear understanding of what your users need to do and how they work. If things like menu items, tagging criteria, filters and terminology used within the platform are tailored to their existing workflow and structure, your team will be more likely to adopt.


4. Audit Content

Using your organizational strategy as a framework, collect and categorize all the materials used by your company. This way you’ll be able to identify gaps and overlaps when mapped against your users’ objectives. 


5. Plan for Launch

To promote the platform and rouse use among your staff, develop a communications schedule that will let you talk about how to get started, what tools or training are available. . . and why they will want to start using it once it’s live.