What is a distributed marketing platform?

A distributed marketing platform is an automated tool that serves up templated marketing materials so that sales and distribution forces can personalize, cobrand and share with target audiences.  

Distributed marketing platform

By housing all marketing materials in a centralized online library, distributed marketing platforms make it possible for organizations to efficiently offer a full range of customizable marketing materials to their varied and diverse distribution partners. A common feature of these platforms is not only that they make easy for the partners to share the materials across multiple channels, but they also help ensure brand integrity of the organization since key elements within the templates, like corporate logos, fonts, and colors can be locked down.


Plus, they offer these benefits:

  • Saves time and money associated with producing and customizing marketing materials
  • Ability to keep brand messaging and integrity intact
  • Ease of sharing content across social media, email, landing pages, etc.
  • Improved returns from marketing materials


Here’s how Branding Central’s content sharing platform works.